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When one of the largest advertising agencies in the pharmaceutical sector greets a new customer, it happens with their own welcome film. And if that is to be filmed, cut and mixed in a high-quality, at the same time very short-term and very fast and original way, then it is a production company like Allary-Film with a full-service offering that does not go to external service providers for a large part of the work steps must, just right.




Wenn own light, sound, - camera equipment can be used at any time, if everything from video editing, effects processing, artwork, color correction, speech and sound recording, sound design to fully automated sound mixing is combined under one roof, this means more homogeneous processes in production, Films with character and from a single source and above all clear quality and, if necessary, clear speed advantages.




And thanks to fast upload connections, the films are quickly where they are needed.


The new customers and of course the agency itself were extremely enthusiastic. What more do you want?