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Radioplay Voyages

An intriguing idea: potential customers get to lay down on their mattress of choice and listen to a story about the material, that it is made of.

Whether it is a journey to the origin of natural rubber, a tale about cork (which is also used for thermal insulation of spacecrafts) or the derivation of turf (which dates back to the high moors of the ice age) - each story is like a film withough image, related in an accoustically elaborate way.




The recipe of the Sembella-Soundclips is unique: the music was composed by a filmmusic-composer, atmosphere and soundeffects were conributed by the sounddesigner of, for example, "The Neverending Story" and the story is narrated by a renowned female narrator, whose voice has been heard in several dubbed american films.




After the great success of these truly relaxing stories, a number of new productions for a foreign market are being developed now. A first local version for japanese customers proved the international importance of the product and the .