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Katharina Thalbach auf Bett

Katharina Thalbach as "Frau Mischke"




"Black and brown shoes are usually a turn-off, white shoes are interesting, but red or even glittery shoes would be ideal."


Paul loves shoes -and feet. He is distribution-director in a fine foods shop. During the lunch-hours, he dials numbers on the telephone with eyes shut. When a female voice answers, he kindly asks: Would you mind telling me what shoes you're wearing ...? To his pity in most cases the line is cut.

Mrs. Mischke, his neighbour, would give him both: shoes and heart, but Paul is not in love with her. Leyla, a young and beuatiful turkish woman hasn't left her apartement for 5 months, since her friend Nasrin died in a rassist assault. She doesn't want to know about the world outside any more.

One day - by incident - Paul catches her number and to Layla's own astonishment she does not hang up ...


Liebe, Leben, Tod, Jacques Breuer Standfoto

Paul (Jacques Breuer), the merchant of fine foods has a strange passion



  • Silver Award Worldfest Houston ‘97 (Houston Press)
  • Best Foreign Film Award, Long Island International Festival
  • Nomination 1997 for Adolf-Grimme Preis


Liebe, Leben, Tod, Jacques Breuer Standfoto

Leyla (Idil Üner), has not left the apartment for half a year due to a xenophobic attack on her best friend



New York, Bludenz, Valladolid, Sao Paulo, Wales, Paris, Kairo, Tunis, Taschkent, Long Island, Bogotá, New Delhi, Trivandrum, Asuncion, Vilnius, Lima, Hanoi, Mexico City

  • 46. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, Berlinale (Berlin 1996, Deutschland)
  • 31. International Filmfestival Karlovy Vary 1996 Chechien (Karlovy Vary, Tschechien 1996)
  • The Hamptons International Filmfestival (East Hampton 1996, New York, USA)
  • Vive Le Cinéma Francais: „Allemagne: Comédie et histoire“ (Paris 1996, Frankreich)
  • Alpinale (Bludenz 1996, Österreich)
  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival (Sao Paulo 1996, Brasilien)
  • 4. Oldenburger Filmtage (Oldenburg 1996, Deutschland) 10th Prix Europa (1996)
  • Cairo International Film Festival (Kairo 1996, Ägypten)
  • 16th International Istanbul Film Festival (Istanbul 1997, Türkei)
  • 16. Uluslararasi Istanbul Film Festivali
  • The 30th Annual Worldfest-Houston (USA, Texas, Houston 1997) The Houston International Film Festival
  • 25. Festival de Cine de Huesca (Huesca 1997, Spanien)
  • Bayerische Kulturtage (Krakau 1997, Polen)
  • Cine Club Del Centro Paraguayo Japonés
  • 9. Festival Cinematografico International de Asunción (1998)
  • Europäisches Kinofestival (1999)
  • Kino Pavasaris Filmfestival von Bogotá (Bogotá 1997, Kolumbien)
  • 1997 Long Island Film Festival (Stony Brook 1997, New York, USA)
  • Journées du Cinéma Européen (Tunis 1997, Frankreich)
  • Internationales Filmfestival Taschkent (Taschkent 1997, Usbekistan)
  • Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid (Valladolit 1997, Spanien)
  • Welsh international Film Festival (Wales 1996, UK)



  • ZDF, August 1996
  • 3-SAT March 1997



DVD - german, with english and french subtitles (shop)



  • Original Title: Liebe, Leben, Tod (Feature Film 1996)
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Format: Super 16, Colour, 35 mm-Blow-up
  • Written & directed by: Mathias Allary