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Hardly any company nowadays does without moving image media. Company communication via television, cinema, DVD, BluRay and especially Internet and mobile are expected by customers. To get high-level results, its not the best idea, to choose any company...


For the compelling and professional media work agencies and contractors are often commissioned, but often the budget estimated by the customer and the final costs drift apart. Besides that, several "self-made" -filmmakers offer their services, which might be able to handle a camera, but are not able to provide the necessary design skills to bring out the most of a topic. They often edit mechanically and mix the sound unimaginative.The lack of structure and assembly will lead to movies that the customer will not like. Movies can and should do much more today.


Experience and Trust

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We invest our expertise from featurefilms and documentaries into corporate films or commercials and produce convincing media-works. Especially the cooperation with actors, crewmembers and filmmakers from the cinema sector gives to clients a significant advantage.


In this way, convincing content with a fresh visual and acoustic impression is produced. Clients like Compass Communications, Arcelor Mittal, Bosch, Novartis, LEGO, BMW, the German deposit cash, Schlaraffia, CDM, the Klinikum Garmisch Partenkirchen or Datev have benefited from this slightly different way of working.


Video Presentations

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Catering to clients from various different sectors, Allary film, TV & Media has produced many video presentations for lectures and multimedia-applications. Amongst others, we created "Die kleine AG", "Einsatz von Glivec vor allogener Stammzellentransplantation bei CML" (Novartis, ) or "Datenzugriff der Finanzverwaltung - Umsatzsteuernachschau" (Datev).


When realising a project, Allary Film emphasizes on the necessity for cooperative exchange with the client through productive dialogue, for best presenting/portraying the respective person, object or company. Even time pressure doesn't have to be an obstacle in the way. The lecture for Novartis, for example, was shot the day before the trade show started. The film was edited in a night shift to be presented there the next day via "flatscreen display".


A film for a related field was shot by Allary Film for the advertising agency "ruder-finn" at the University Clinic in London. In this case the client wanted the lecture and following discussion to be recorded for documentation-purposes. Similarly, the company "Datev" assigned Allary Film to record the lectures "Die kleine AG" and "Datenzugriff der Finanzverwaltung - Umsatzsteuernachschau" on video. the material was then to become part of a multimedia presentation.


Apart from clients from the sector of commerce, Allary Film has been very active in the field of education. In collaboration with the French School in Munich we created "Jean Renoir", featuring poetry readings organised by 4th grade pupils (14 years old). Subsequently a demovideo for the Munich based icehockey-club "Mekj" (The Meckies) was shot, which was then presented at the Munich Ice-Festival.