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Dreh asylheim1 2000


KU 2:

"The young directors always show breaks, turning points in the, beautiful, healthy Ikea world‘, with the courage to start over. "


Nürnberger Nachrichten:

“Without giving much away, the director [Heike Wasem] opens her, Story‘ [, Am Rande ‘] with almost casual interest; without staging the new beginning pathetically, at the end she shows her main character a plausible way out into the open. "


Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung:

"Funny, tragic, fairytale - the five young directors have discovered their possibilities and created a multi-faceted picture of human existence from the delightful episode film project that is relaxed and entertaining."


Flensburger Tagesblatt:

“The game with the myth succeeded. The furniture manufacturer made himself a good protagonist - and that for over 90 minutes. "


Schwäbische Zeitung:

"What the short films not only have in common is the theme, but also the enthusiasm for experimentation and the love of detail with which they are told."