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The Patrizia Childrens Foundation supports projects worldwide to help children. At its neighboring locations in Songea and Peramiho in Tanzania, the foundation has supported a hospital, a school and an orphanage. Thus, the foundation not only helped save many lives, but also opened up future perspectives for countless children.

Allary-Film, Tv & Media shot on behalf of the Foundation at the three locations films in 8K Virtual Realtity and several accompanying social media spots.


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In order to achieve an intense inner involvement with people, VR shots with close human contact to the protagonists were absolutely important and stood in the foreground of Patrizia-VR films. It was the people, the looks, the closeness to them, which were in the focus of our filmic realization.


The "movement" came mainly from the children, teachers, patients, physicians in their everyday lives in their environment. This helped to realize the importance, that the institutions of the Patrizia Foundation have, within the totally immersive Virtual Realtity Experience. A high-quality sound level, atmosphere, sounds of nature, voices and, if necessary, music will help the viewer to feel transported there.


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In the process, we were superbly supported on site by the chief doctor and the administrative director of the hospital, the head and deputy of the Pirameho Secondary School, the head of the children's home and many others. Immediate trust, personal closeness, and a cautious approach to technology were key factors in delving into the world of Peramiho and Songia people.


The liveliness of the situations, the glow in the eyes of the people and the immediacy of their actions created a great intensity in the VR recording. Exactly this touchability makes the power of VR movies. And with the people also becomes the immediate environment, the facilities of the Foundation can be experienced locally