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Zuenfte Lehrling 2000

Skotty Larcher as Jacob, the apprentice, Anna Steffens as maid and Norbert Wartha as master


The fact that lessons do not always have to be dry is proven by our educational films on medieval themes. Filmed on authentic medieval locations with a cinematic team and strong actor-inside, unusual little stories have emerged that are fun and inspiring for reflection and discussion in the lessons and beyond.


Historical costumes and high-quality construction of historical rooms as backdrops provided the necessary look, the professional team from the cinema sector provided for strong pictures and credible medieval acoustics.


Zuenfte Lehrling Geselle2 2000

The journeyman (Wolfram Rupperti) tells the apprentice (Skotty Larcher) how gold leaf is worked.


At the center of the film about the medieval guilds is a gold leaf beater workshop. The master Thomas leads the apprentice Jacob, how Blattgolf is beaten, a craft, which is still handled today just as it was in the Middle Ages. He also employs a journeyman, the master and the maid help with the operation.


Zuenfte Feuerholz 2000

The master (Karin Wirtz) goes with the apprentice (Skotty Larcher) to collect firewood for the smelting furnace



Written & Directed: Björn Jensen

Assistant Director: Esma Yilmaz

Creative Supervisor: Mathias Allary

Camera & Steadicam: Jörg Widmer

Editing: Agape Dorstewitz

Sound: David Heinemann

Music: Hans Deimel


Zuenfte Lehrling2 2000

Jacob (Skotty Larcher) has to pick up the fallen gold leafs



Jacob: Skotti Larcher

Meisterin: Karin Wirtz

Magd: Anna Steffens

Meister: Norbert Wartha

Geselle: Wolfram Rupperti

Meister Erhardt: Klaus Brückner

Sprecher: Thomas Kraus


Zuenfte meister1 2000

Master (Norbert Wartha) and his apprentice (Skotty Larcher) supervise the smelting process


Technical Data

Format: Arriflex 16 SR on 16 mm Fuji Negativ

Duration: 16 Minuten, Licht,- und Magnetton

Print: Geyer Werke München

Kopierwerk: Geyer Werke

Lichtton & Magnetton