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by Andi Niessner and Markus Krämer

sabotage2 2000


Jacqueline (Franziska Petri), who does not want to integrate into the political system of the GDR, manufactures IKEA furniture as an unskilled worker in a VEB. When she and her friend Roland (Kai Schumann) apply to leave the country, they are attacked from all sides. Roland's application is denied, so they decide to flee across the border together. But the attempt to escape fails, they are arrested and Jacqueline is taken to a women's prison.

In the spring of 1989, Jacqueline was laid off and looked for happiness in Munich, but her past caught up with her in the West as well: As an employee of a dubious investment company, she was constantly confronted with IKEA furniture and finally met Roland by chance, who betrayed her at the time and has meanwhile settled in well in Munich ...



by Michael Chauvistré

eiersuche14 2000


The sexually frustrated couple Martin (Joachim R. Iffland) and Melanie (Susanne Batteux) are roused from their sleep on Easter Sunday by their noisy children Karla (Tiffany Ischinger) and Phillipp (Raban Bieling). On the Easter egg hunt, the brother locks his sister in the IKEA closet Pax and can hardly contain himself with laughter, but suddenly Karla's angry screams of curse fall silent; when Phillipp opens the closet, his sister has disappeared without a trace.

When Martin gets into the closet to look for his daughter, he promptly ends up in an IKEA store in America - where he finally finds Karla, who has made herself comfortable in the ball bath. They want to go back home together, but when they climb into the Pax, they embark on a trip around the globe and unexpectedly meet the rest of the family in Africa. From this crazy travel adventure they bring new momentum to their Munich terraced house ...


The Goblins are coming

by Livia Vogt

Midsommar-Stories Standfoto aus Goblins


Seven-year-old Lilly (Janine Albrecht) can no longer bear the drama about her anorexic sister Julia (Jana Leipziger). The illness has destroyed the previous togetherness of the two. “Why does she always get everything she wants?” Lilly asks her parents (Annette Kreft, Rudi Knauss), who are completely overwhelmed with worries about their sick daughter and therefore cannot find any time for Lilly.

But when the family at IKEA buys a new facility for Julia's room, Lilly befriends a mysterious girl (Lucy Allary) who rams a shopping cart into her heels in the IKEA parking lot. After the girl lets out a spell, Lilly's wound is gone. She also gives her a "Goblin", a fairy tale creature from Scandinavia. An idiosyncratic friendship begins ...

A sensitive fairy tale about childhood, growing up and the need for love.


On the edge

by Heike Wasem

Midsommar-Stories Standfoto aus Am Rande


Thirty-year-old Edmund (Matthias Büdinger) is the son of a farmer (Jochen Striebeck) - without his own land. Where there used to be fields, there is now an IKEA branch. Father and son, who still live together, now work as small employees for the furniture company. Their relationship is silent and marked by hatred; the father blames the son for the early death of his wife.

On his birthday, Edmund tries to escape the sadness of his life for a few hours: at the end of an exciting night, he ends up in the hospital after an accident that he was responsible for. For a brief moment there he experiences a closeness that he has never seen before. He begins to make peace with himself and his life. A complex story about the longing for home and identity.



Canopy bed

by Elena Alvarez

Midsommar-Stories Standfoto aus Himmelbett


Lene (Annika Kuhl) is alone. Her friend Michael (Janosch Fischer) let her sit, together with a four-poster bed, which painfully reminds her of the hours together. So that she can finally get out of the endless crying, she decides to buy a new bed. The newly in love couple Peter (Wolfram Koch) and Claudia (Li Hagman-Schmalenbach) accompanies them to IKEA.

There they encounter a series of longings and hopes. Because in the world of happy couples IKEA, not only Lene feels lost and lonely: the romantic Ms. Huf (Billie Zöckler) also wants a bed, a four-poster bed. But her husband (Johannes Silberschneider) doesn't want to know anything about it, as a first-rate philistine he wants to waste the money on new kitchen cupboards. A bittersweet story about love, couples and true philistineism with weird musical interludes.