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Yannis dirigiert 2000


The vision of letting as many people as possible play Beethoven's Fifth with handbells at the same time, no matter how great their musical experience is, is behind an unusual film and music project. Such a project is not only visually and musically, but also logistically a huge challenge. The focus is on topics such as internationality and the coexistence of people from a wide variety of backgrounds, as well as the unifying power of music.

The actual project is in the planning phase and the pre-visualization of what the later project could look like was filmed in NRW. Recordings for the teaser for the project were made in Münster and Neuss, staged and musically directed by the composer and media artist Ioannis Vasiliadis.

Whether on the cathedral square in Münster, on the Ruhr at the rowing club or in the billiard room with refugees, the protagonists of the teaser for a large concert with thousands of people are virtually connected to each other by the handbells and the music. In this way, a unique project of music and art is created as a medium for transcultural exchange and the promotion of understanding.